Summer Roadmap

Well, now that the summer is here and version 3.2 is out the door, TKE development is going to slow down a bit. I am planning on getting 3.3 out towards the end of August.

The main focus of the 3.x releases thus far have been a steady improvement to editing features, focusing mostly on Vim editing. This will continue with version 3.3; however, more focus and attention will be placed on the non-Vim editing experience. To that end, I have a new, keyboard-focused selection mode that I'm working on which will greatly improve the selection process. As a result, the Edit / Delete menu will be removed (since selected text can be quickly deleted using the Delete/Backspace key on the keyboard.

Additionally, I have been improving the built-in regression test and this will also continue in the 3.3 release, helping to improve the quality of the release and all future releases.

Of course, if there are any community submitted bugs that need to fixed prior to the end of August, I'll address those and get a smaller release put out there sooner.