Stable Version 3.2 Released

Stable version 3.2 has now been released. The required Tcl/Tk version has been updated from 8.5 to 8.6. Full Emmet action support has been added for CSS syntaxes. Vim selection/operation motion support has now been added.

Important Note: If you are upgrading TKE on a Linux machine, it is recommended that you update TKE by downloading the tarball and using the installation script rather than use the "Help / Check for Update" menu option.

Here's a full list of the new features, changes and bug fixes available in this release.


  • Added Vim support for all object selection/operation motions (i.e., `iw`, `a{`, etc.).
  • Added `Select Next/Previous Item` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Toggle Comment` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Update Image Size` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Encode/Decode Image to Data:URL` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Reflect CSS Value` Emmet support.
  • Added tkcon package to TKE installation bundle for enhanced console support on all platforms without requiring external installations.
  • Added support for Stylus, LaTeX, IDL, Elixir, MathML and Boo syntax.
  • Added new `Markdown Table Beautifier` plugin.
  • Added ability to specify increment/decrement value for enumeration insertion.


  • Updated macOS Tcl/Tk version to 8.6.6.
  • Updated Linux installation to use Tcl/Tk 8.6.
  • Added View preference option to display a hierarchical syntax menu.
  • Changed undo behavior when the Return key is pressed and Vim mode is disabled.
  • When line wrapping is enabled, lines will now wrap at the column ruler (if one exists and is in view) instead of wrapping at the editing buffer edges.
  • Added support for a persistent search bar with next/previous search buttons.
  • Small enhancements to current_line plugin.
  • Changed the enumeration insertion to not include the b, o, d, x or h characters that immediately preceed the starting value in the inserted text.
  • Updated User Guide.
  • Updated Developer Guide.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed HTML automatic syntax detector.
  • Fixed hidden syntax error when a tab is closed by clicking the `X` button.
  • Fixed issue with displaying favorited files/directories that do not exist on the current filesystem.
  • Fixed potential issues with undo functionality.
  • Fixed syntax highlighting issues with Markdown and MultiMarkdown syntaxes.
  • Fixed menu state handling of Emmet `Toggle Comment` and `Select Next/Previous Item` menu options.
  • Fixed syntax issue with `code_view` plugin.
  • Fixed issue with using Vim up/down motions when line wrapping is enabled.
  • Fixed issue of opening a non-existent file from the command-line.
  • Fixed state of `Show in Sidebar` menu when the associated tab's file does not exist in the file system.
  • Fixed case-sensitivity handling for text searches.