TKE Text Editor

Stable Version 3.1 Released

Stable version 3.1 has now been released. Vim support has been overhauled and greatly improved. Full Emmet action support has been added for HTML/XML syntaxes.

Feel free to update the application through the "Help / Check for Update" menu option or download your copy from our website. Also feel free to leave a review on our SourceForge page if you enjoy using TKE.

Here's a full list of the new features, changes and bug fixes available in this release.


  • Added session memory for bird's eye view and split screen state.
  • Added support for Doxyfile, Elm, Kotlin and Nim syntaxes.
  • Added more customizable theme elements.
  • Added support for `g_`, `g0`, `g^`, `g$`, `ge`, `gm`, `_`, `+`, `e`, `E`, `W`, `B`, `gE`, `(`, `)`, `{` and `}` Vim motions.
  • Added support for `g?` Vim commands (generating rot13 values for text).
  • Added support for `gv` Vim command.
  • Added support for `@:` Vim command.
  • Added support for extended `vv` Vim command to enable visual block mode.
  • Added BIST filtering function to view All, Passing or Failing tests.
  • Added support for Emmet `Wrap With Abbreviation` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Balance Outward` and `Balance Inward` actions.
  • Added support for Emmet `Go to Matching Pair` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Next/Previous Edit Point` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Select Next/Previous Item` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Toggle Comment` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Split/Join Tag` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Remove Tag` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Update Image Size` action.
  • Added support for Emmet `Increment/Decrement Number` actions.
  • Added support for Emmet `Encode/Decode Image from Data:URL` action.
  • Added support for CSS variable syntax highlighting.
  • Added new `browser_me` plugin which adds an item to the sidebar file contextual menu which will allow HTML and image files to be displayed within an external browser.
  • Added support for TkCon console for environments that have it installed (defaults to Tk console if TkCon is not found).
  • Added new api::edit namespace which contains procedures used for properly editing a buffer from plugin code.


  • Improved Vim code base.
  • When multicursor motion mode is entered in Vim mode, the standard insertion cursor disappears and the multicursors will take on the look of the standard insertion cursor.
  • When multicursor motion mode is entered, the status bar will reflect the MULTIMOVE mode.
  • Allowing more than one Untitled tab to exist in the tabbar concurrently.
  • Completed support for all supported Vim motions to work with deleting, changing, yanking, text transforming, shifting and formatting Vim operations.
  • When `V` is entered in visual line mode, returns the mode to command mode.
  • When `v` is entered in visual block mode, returns the mode to command mode.
  • If a line number range is not specified in substitute command, selection range is used or the full document is used if the selection is not specified.
  • Added Emmet reference documentation to CSS, HTML and XML syntaxes.
  • Added Javascript syntax highlighting of `document` keyword.
  • Added syntax highlighting to URLs within syntax files.
  • Added ability to specify a count value when using the `.` Vim command.
  • Small enhancements to CSS syntax highlighting.
  • Adding option for macOS that should render cleaner fonts on high resolution displays.
  • Moving Window menu on macOS before Help menu.
  • Adding JSON embeded syntax in JavaScript.
  • Adding JSON key highlighting.
  • Adding syntax highlighting of XML/HTML tags in JavaScript.
  • Enhanced the XML syntax tag highlighter.
  • Improved performance of HTML highlighter.
  • Improved automatic embedded background color when importing TextMate themes.
  • Lots of BIST enhancements.
  • Updating User Guide.
  • Updating Developer Guide.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with initializing file view to the same state when the application was exited.
  • Fixed potential highlighting issues with undo/redo.
  • Fixed issue allowing colon Vim command to be executed when in Vim mode.
  • Fixed issue when preference font selection buttons are clicked.
  • Fixed several issues with operations working properly when text is selected.
  • Fixed issue with the line number gutter display when fonts were changed.
  • Fixed CSS syntax highlighting for color values.
  • Fixed support for embedded CSS highlighting when a plain `style` HTML attribute is used.
  • Fixed Emmet `label` abbreviation expansion.
  • Fixed block selection if mouse cursor position is less than the anchor position.
  • Fixed status bar update issue when Vim mode was changed in some states.
  • Fixed issue with markers being synchronized between split views.
  • Fixed issue with deleting with `D` Vim command.
  • Fixed issues with using Shift key in menu bindings.
  • Fixed potential issue with syntax highlighting when undo is used.
  • Fixed issue where a plugin that was installed and then reloaded in the same session was uninstalled after the reload.
  • Fixed issue where opened files would not be highlighted in the sidebar on application start.
  • Fixed issue where closing a tab with modifications and responding with the `Cancel` button would still close the tab.
  • Fixed issues with title case functionality.