TKE Text Editor

Summer Roadmap

Well, now that the summer is here and version 3.2 is out the door, TKE development is going to slow down a bit. I am planning on getting 3.3 out towards the end of August.

The main focus of the 3.x releases thus far have been a steady improvement to editing features, focusing mostly on Vim editing. This will continue with version 3.3; however, more focus and attention will be placed on the non-Vim editing experience. To that end, I have a new, keyboard-focused selection mode that I'm working on which will greatly improve the selection process. As a result, the Edit / Delete menu will be removed (since selected text can be quickly deleted using the Delete/Backspace key on the keyboard.

Additionally, I have been improving the built-in regression test and this will also continue in the 3.3 release, helping to improve the quality of the release and all future releases.

Of course, if there are any community submitted bugs that need to fixed prior to the end of August, I'll address those and get a smaller release put out there sooner.

Stable Version 3.2 Released

Stable version 3.2 has now been released. The required Tcl/Tk version has been updated from 8.5 to 8.6. Full Emmet action support has been added for CSS syntaxes. Vim selection/operation motion support has now been added.

Important Note: If you are upgrading TKE on a Linux machine, it is recommended that you update TKE by downloading the tarball and using the installation script rather than use the "Help / Check for Update" menu option.

Here's a full list of the new features, changes and bug fixes available in this release.


  • Added Vim support for all object selection/operation motions (i.e., `iw`, `a{`, etc.).
  • Added `Select Next/Previous Item` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Toggle Comment` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Update Image Size` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Encode/Decode Image to Data:URL` Emmet support for CSS.
  • Added `Reflect CSS Value` Emmet support.
  • Added tkcon package to TKE installation bundle for enhanced console support on all platforms without requiring external installations.
  • Added support for Stylus, LaTeX, IDL, Elixir, MathML and Boo syntax.
  • Added new `Markdown Table Beautifier` plugin.
  • Added ability to specify increment/decrement value for enumeration insertion.


  • Updated macOS Tcl/Tk version to 8.6.6.
  • Updated Linux installation to use Tcl/Tk 8.6.
  • Added View preference option to display a hierarchical syntax menu.
  • Changed undo behavior when the Return key is pressed and Vim mode is disabled.
  • When line wrapping is enabled, lines will now wrap at the column ruler (if one exists and is in view) instead of wrapping at the editing buffer edges.
  • Added support for a persistent search bar with next/previous search buttons.
  • Small enhancements to current_line plugin.
  • Changed the enumeration insertion to not include the b, o, d, x or h characters that immediately preceed the starting value in the inserted text.
  • Updated User Guide.
  • Updated Developer Guide.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed HTML automatic syntax detector.
  • Fixed hidden syntax error when a tab is closed by clicking the `X` button.
  • Fixed issue with displaying favorited files/directories that do not exist on the current filesystem.
  • Fixed potential issues with undo functionality.
  • Fixed syntax highlighting issues with Markdown and MultiMarkdown syntaxes.
  • Fixed menu state handling of Emmet `Toggle Comment` and `Select Next/Previous Item` menu options.
  • Fixed syntax issue with `code_view` plugin.
  • Fixed issue with using Vim up/down motions when line wrapping is enabled.
  • Fixed issue of opening a non-existent file from the command-line.
  • Fixed state of `Show in Sidebar` menu when the associated tab's file does not exist in the file system.
  • Fixed case-sensitivity handling for text searches.